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How streaming in gambling started

Streaming is a way to illustrate an art, skill or daily habit in video online where it's followers can watch every move at any minute of the day. Consider it like a big brother house where a dozen of people are stacked together and being recorded up to 24 hours. You can have your likes or dislikes with certain characters, but with streaming it became more and more appearant that anybody could do something these days on the internet. That includes, gambling and playing slots like Ayezee Normally there is'nt not much wrong with streaming in the first place. Everybody has their hobby's and way to ventilate their day through watching their favourite streamer of choice.

The streaming of gambling has become a very populair & lucrative way for streamers. Wether it's a generation of Counterstrike Go, Pubg, Grand Theft Auto V, League of Legends, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone etc, you can see the shift now slowly becoming more towards gambling. We as Ayezee Official can only think of due to revenue reasons. It's a faster and more quicker way to earn money on the internet due to an existing following base. Streamers that show gambling online basicly make their money by using affiliation. Affiliation is simply put bringing in new players into casino's by using refferal links. The revenue per player varies in between 20 to 45% depending on the deal.

The percentage is based on the loss of a player. So for instance, gambler Joe signs up on Casino Y by a link provided by his favourite streamer. Joe deposits around € 100 and starts playing. Player joe does'nt have alot of luck, and loses the € 100 deposit. In this case 20 to 45% of that € 100 deposit will go to the streamer directly. We're talking 20 to 45 euro in particular where Joe only a brief playtime pretty much. Streaming is very lucrative based on casino. Before that it was all about email marketing and links spread out all over the internet. With streaming you pretty much can target alot bigger audience in where the holding time and chances of someone singing up is potentially bigger. It's all about marketing here.

The Rise Of Fraud Streamers

Where money is involved, so are frauds, scams and other con artists in where their only intention is for you to signup and make you believe that you can just win like them. Does'nt it sound like music to your ears? A spin just like that and suddenly you have life changing money into your account. Frankly, when you do signup, the odds seem alot more lower then what your favourite streamer is presenting out day in day out with new posts, live streams and what more. And why is this? We'll go a bit more in depth into this subject because we of believe that you should know the truth behind the rise of more and more streamers presenting one after the other big win.

You have to understand that most casino's that are promoted by these streamers are usually vague, offshore, malta or either curacau based casino's, where laws and legislation is different then most usual european country's. The only thing that matters at such places is money getting in, zero to none protection for it's players and a stream of complaints about rude, bad or immoral service provided by these casino's. Really, simply hit the brand of the casino your streamer is promoting followed with "+ complaints" or "+ reviews" on google search and you'll understand why. Lots of players who where lured into playing in their streamers favourite casino are denied from their winnings.

Streamers usually go with really unrealalistic betting behaviour, such as 50.000$ bonus buys, or 500$ spins. You might wonder how the hell do they even afford that in the first place? Well the trick here is, they are sponsored by casino's. And by sponsering it means they basicly let affiliates pay for their content day in day out. There's litterally zero transaction(s) going on from the streamer to the casino other then monthly affiliate revenue payout. This is how and why the rise of fraud streamers suddenly is a huge thing on the internet. Platforms such as Twitch and Youtube are slowly becoming more and more aware of these complaints of fake streamers more and more on the internet.

Avoid Doing Business With Streamers

Lets be real. These people may look or be so nice, or have their 250k win totally deserved, but the reality is is that most of them share all the same thing in common. One is just a tad better in marketing and putting down give aways and all that to create more fuss, more visits, watch time and eventually more signups from people who are new, not aware of any of the dangers involved in online gambling. At the end of the day they know they have a bit of talent, they are good at what they do, and they do it from their little safe place where nobody could even touch them. And that's the trick. Your favourite streamer that does € 5 max bets a day suddenly dives into € 50.000 bonus buys.

Does'nt that sound a bit fishy? Indeed. This immature and unrealistic betting behaviour not even a millionaire could cope up with, let alone finding a real casino that is even capable of covering € 500 bets a spin. A real casino does have budget to for example payout a huge win and in a timespan of even 2 days. You won't find a game that is capable of doing so immense large bonus buys but at least you are guaranteed to when you play big you have a fair chance of actually being paid out. We firmly believe that most of these streamers never even had a real job in their life and this is what they come up with in their life. The masquerading of fake wins and plays basicly making you believe you'd be next.

Well, wake up. There are proper streamers out there who never asked for any affiliate signup. Think of Rocknrolla's, The Bandit & Jeroen's Gambling Channel. Legitimate and a real perspective of either high rollers who show a true representation of gambling, with real money, not funded accounts and more important legitimate wins. We're tired of these fake streamers targeting youngsters now on rogue casino's that do not require any age verification at all and it's a bit of a duty to protect and warn other people about it. Gambling is'nt a joke. There are people that need to be protected and be told that there is a very harsh reality among it where it involves serious debts, lost relationships or family's.

The Real Deal on Return To Player

Did you ever wonder why as a player your action or simply put luck on online casino's is far lower then your average streamer puts out? Is it even sustainable to play on such unrealistic bets that would make your monthly salary drain in less then 15 minutes? You have to understand that most streamers do have deals and some of them where even caught running in demo mode. Demo mode on a casino is not a real representation but more of a fun mode designed to entice new players who are not sure about a game before they can even play. Some of these streamers where even caught in the act and questioning it to this day will usually resolve in a ban on their favourite platform.

The Return to player on various casino's is lowering by the day at this point. It's usually caused by tax revenue imposed by goverments in where providers see no other way then to pass these extra costs (and profit) by their players and customers. The RTP is simply put lowered down in percentages. The disadvantage for players is that their playing time and funds obviously decreases significant depending on the amount of percent a slot is advertised with. There is more to this as some casino's are simply not as transparant as their streamers are. For example the hiding of RTP in games in the respected help file. Or having a mispresentation while in developers console it shows a complete different number.

The most problematic thing for a player is encountering a casino to play on, win big, and have payments stalled, delayed, their account being closed with no reason due, or have documents as part of verification being rejected over and over again. Let yourself not be fooled. These tactics emposed on players is part of the business. They are very aware of that there is no legal action imposed on them for a player to be denied of their winnings and at the end of the day it's just pure profit, a not paid out player. Yet, these streamers promote these vague casino's. Their only interest is for you to signup, and that's it. On our website you will find deals, but with legitimate casino's. We challenge you to find any better deals.

Streamers Praying On The Weak

When you watch the typical stream and live viewing audience, you will usually notice that everyone lives along with their favourite streamer. When free give aways or spin to wheels are offered for the viewers, a immense streak of commands follow with people who want to join such actions. We've seen that streamers seem to play, publish and post content on days where salary's are being deposited, to just give that bit of more enticement then usual. Do not be mistaken. Anyone access to such data could enforce the perfect marketing package to lure new and existing customers to come back playing at a casino again. You'll never see a streamer publishing a 6 hour straight loss session. It's due to nobody ever wanting to watch that.

Nope. Casino's and streamers pretty much came with something, that is obvious hidden for the public but to stimulate the stream and have even more action then ever. There are slowly more and more youtube accounts appearing that show the real fake streamers. People who have bin shown to log in into casino's with "demo" or "test" accounts. Or even admitting to be funded for free completely by the casino (Hello Casinogrounds). It's a shame on it's own that these deluded tactics are applied in the business to lure new customers with zero to none financial risk as a gambling streamer. Winning on it's own can be hard and difficult. It requires work, patience and certain experience to even come close. Streamers have advantages.

It's this advantage, wether it's bonus funds up to 300% or being sponsored by the casino, it gives an unfair advantage to the regular player who's new, and this winning on such occasions is a normal and frequent behaviour of online slots. Nope. Ask anyone who's experienced enough that on avg 7 out of 10 deposits are most of the times losses. It means that the money will be simply gone due to volatility or other factors pretty much. That is real gambling for you. And when your lucky to have a winning streak, dont think of it that it will last that long either. Gambling on the long can and will lead to losses. Nobody is ever as lucky as the folks who stream and make it look like winning is so easy. Don't be fooled.

Protect Young Viewers From Gambling Streamers

We feel like the streaming with fake funds or unrealistic betting needs to be put to an end. The mass give aways which are enticement for new affiliate signups as well is at the border of what is morally right or wrong. There where casino's promoted that had no verification of age or reign of funds and thus allowed underaged to gamble onsite. People who questioned it where getting banned from chat as if it did not exist. It is also a fact that most of these rogue casino's from Malta or Curacao allow players from various country's where they legally do not have a license for. People who self exclude themself due to gambling problems in country's like the UK could still play on such casino's, with no payout after winning.

This does'nt just lead to huge depression for individuals, but also increased crime for furfilling a gambling need or due to huge amount of debts created by the circle in the first place. Streamers might appear friendly and give you something for being kind in chat or that you support him or her, but at the end of the day your playing part into a very greedy and ruthless world. As in the below video presented by youtuber Rhyker Hackarry he highlights different interesting aspects of positive and negative ways of why people watch streamers in the first place. As he mentioned it perfectly, it's like wrestling. People know it's fake but there's still a bit of entertainment value for them. They need to wake up.

  • Most Streamers play with pre-funded and fake money account(s).
  • Their play is'nt real, as withdrawls are pretty much impossible.
  • Casino's advertised hold zero respect to any self exclusion.
  • There is no KYC with such casino's - no verification age or income.
  • The (financial) damage caused by these rogue casino's is immense.
  • These casino's accept depositing players with no questions - till you hit withdrawl.
  • Streamers play a big role in promoting these malta/curacau/crypto based casino's.
  • Platforms such as Youtube and Twitch are being exploited for this cause.
  • Daily gambling is'nt healthy, at all. A streamer has zero financial loss.

There are a ton of streamers playing with printed money or are not transparant at all. Obviously casino's have no real burden to promote them even if you have a dozen of followers already. You'll get a account pre-made with funds on your name and the deal is usually providing a streaming (con) show to entice viewers into registration. The more leads a promotor gets, the better the deal or value in the first place. You'll understand by now that with such competition people pull on various strings to stand on top of eachother with more and more reckless betting, bonus buys and even stream on daily basis with 500$ spins. Yet they all seem to live in a sketchy appartment and usually wearing the same clothes every day.

A Video On Fake Streamers

Be Part Of A Movement!

We genuine wonder if any of these streamers could even sleep at night knowing what they are causing with some people. Obviously, a streamer on it's own does'nt force people into gambling but their streak of updates, the enticement of their followers to comment and like even more to obviously mislead the algorithm on populair platforms such as Twitch or Youtube with the sole intention to attract more followers, on it's own is a thing. There will always be people that need protection and the time has come to break these fraud streamers promoting rogue & illegal casino's down. As part of a movement you have tools within reach to contribute your part to a more natural and fair casino ground.

Both Twitch and Youtube are obviously the number one platform where these fake or irrational streamers pretty much dump their content on daily basis. There is a handy dislike button on every video, but also a report function that allows you to write a objective reason on why it should be reported in the first place. Since we know these platform trigger on the amount of reports given per video before they come into action, it is just a matter of time before these platforms will gradually look at the reports and take proper action. The more important is that we would like to see gambling slots and streams with the sole intention of luring in new affiliates, just simply dissapears to where it came from.

Because with all due respect to legitimate and real streamers, there's quite a number of frauds growing these days that are making it impossible for the rest at this point. And the only way to make them vanish, is to cut them from their audience that they lure on. Our prediction is that, most of these streamers would simply pack their bags and leave with weak excuse. Because they are simply not real, and it's just a show that they provide on these platforms. Ask any real streamer about the rise of fraud's and they will agree with the above. Did you ever signup somewhere using a affiliate streaming link? Hurt 'm where it really hurts by closing your account with the casino you initially signed up with.

Real Tips On Gambling

When you ask a casino employee, what the best strategy for playing online slots would be, the answer is really none. Most games run on a very advanced mathematical algorithm which is designed to produce random outcomes or results that in a way cannot be predicted. In a way your session really will never be as the one before, as the outcome of the game is fully random. Slots are advertised with a average 94 to 96.x % of "Return to player" which in a nutshell means for every € 10 going in, € 9,40 to € 9,60 is being paid back out to the players. The small percentage is for the provider and the casino. So if you believe that streamers are touting a way in gambling to repeatedly win money, be very alert.

Because there is'nt a way to sustained make money with gambling unless you own the place. It all comes down to a chance of luck. Now you might wonder should i bet as high as these streamers do? Apart from sending out a complete reckless message to the outside world, the brief answer to this is stick with 2% of your bankroll as a average bet. So lets say you pick one of our recommended casino's, deposit a € 100, then the max sustained bet should be not greater then € 2 which is within the 2% margin. Less or more obviously is possible, but it affects your playtime obviously. When you win big, and we're talking in the thousands, it's best practice to at least take 2/3rd of off in a withdrawl and simply dont touch it.

You'll thank us later for that advice ^ The remaining you can use to play around a bit more if you feel like it. If you had a extensive session in the hours long, it's best practice to cool off for a few days or even weeks. If you have difficulties with that it's no shame to hit the pauze or self exclude button for the duration of time. Gambling on it's own is hard and the key to being succesfull, and we're not talking about these fake streamers, is to be disciplined and know when to stop. Any real gambler can give you the same advice where disciplined really is the key here. Dont chase large wins or payouts if you cant lose the funds on your account. Dont spend what you cant miss sort of say.

Tips On Finding The Right Casino

We know there are high limit slot players that hop from one to another casino over time to test their luck. Our advice is when you select a new casino, is to do some minimum homework. Not just reading the positive reviews but in particular the complaints. And keep in mind to that most of these websites such as ask gamblers or trustpilot, do moderate what is not in their interest. It is a bit of a hard accusation but we know from experience that even providing hard evidence to a removed review simply was never answerred. Their best interest is obviously the leads that they gather from all over the internet. We do our best to gather, collect real casino's with a A+ rating so far our knowledge goes.

Because if you take a dive into the casino's being promoted by these streamers, you'll understand quickly that these are usually offshore, to avoid any legislation and thus have zero to none players protection in relation of self exclusion, verification or give very very vague reasons to denying a players withdrawl. The problem is is that they all accept deposits with zero checks. But when you try to check out suddenly you have to run into a zillion loops and mind games to withhold you from any withdrawls being done. Dont be foolish. There is a reason why most of these streamers are'nt highlighted in for example official community forums, websites or video's in the first place.

Casino can be a hit and miss quest too, really. Just go by your own experience, read up on various postings, reviews and stick with good casino's. The market is extremely competetive and some would sell out even their own family just to get you hooked to their product. A good way to start is stop spending any more funds at such rogue casino's or casino's being promoted by false streamers. At the end of the day you will hurt them as a community by the wallet really. A good casino does'nt need a streamer in the first place to have their product marketed. A good casino offers various (providers) games in their selection that are usually top notch and hottest games at this moment.

Gambling Authorities Need To Step Up

In order to protect youngsters, problem gamblers and people who are new and not aware of the dangers of gambling, gambling authorities all over the world should step their game up, and start sending out serious fines. There is a small case recently such as Luckydays being fined for € 400.000 but if you take into account they where able to harvest worth € 18 million in deposits over a short period of time then anyone can think that it was the best investment for that casino. The punishsment(s) and risk is too easy still as authorities should target casino's in malta and curacao as well. When this would happen, and the regulations would be more tight, streamers would be gone fast.

They obviously knew the regulations in the dutch market but still integrated the selection of iDeal into their website(s). In order to integrate ideal into any website you have to comply to a list of things before you can even be validated and have it running. Casino's obviously are very aware of the risk and paying a fine of 400.000 euro vs 18 million of deposits is a eyeblink of a decision. Do not be fooled how greedy this business is. Streamers are the pawns of luring new players into these vague, unregulated and with zero juridictions placing themself into europe or other country's of the world. If you obligde into a country like Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom you simply play by the country's rules or be out.

They know they would take 18 million of deposits day in day out, and take the risk to be fined. They could even stall as the immidiate paying of the fine by Lucky was just a gesture of good will. Casino's with bad intentions could simply weave it away and consider all those deposits as pure profit. Have a team of professional cons working at the casino trying to stall as much as outgoing payments as possible and you have a million euro venture on yearly basis. We told you that it is very lucrative for casino's and streamers to fraud and scam. Dont be fooled and if you even have a account with these streamers, it's time to close it. If you love gambling, do it on websites that have their reputation build up and not paid for.

Million Dollar Question - Is Ayezee Official Legit?

If we refer to promoting the best casino's on the internet, then yes our website and services are legit. We would like to highlight only the best, most recommended, fair & legitimate brands that streamers lack being transparant about. Or when you ask a streamer a question about the many complaints about casino's not being muted, banned or removed from chat. They dont like talking about the product that brings them in money sort of say. They want their little fantasy going as it is and sell a product with zero to none warranty like rogue car dealer. Nobody likes to be cheated with online casino's. Where lots of money is involved frankly so are greedy people and streamers in particular. Whats in it for us is open information.

For those who are'nt known with the world of casino & populair streamers it is better to be protected and not being mislead on the sole fact that no streamer even playing with real funds could sustain doing $ 100 up to $ 500 bets a spin. Or that you as a player are enticed to doing such large bets while having the risk that if you happend to win a such a great value, the casino suddenly steps in with a denial in payment as most of these complaints are all about. Read reviews if you have doubts on the casino's promoted by Streamers. Here at Ayezee Official we background check real casino's and assure that the promotions you see are legit. No afterwards complaints or being threated rudely by support. What you see is what you get.

The reason why most streamers promote oversea's, unlicenced based casino's is usually because of the deal. It's either a new set of players that are completely unaware or they have established a viewers base and it's time to ramp things up. They wont be that hot for quite a while and they know it. It's why large scams are being pulled by either new or existing streamers that from one day went from € 5 bets up to € 500 betting all of a sudden. Nobody living in their small 1 bedroom appartment could even afford this long lasting betting behaviour. It's reckless and irresponsible. Casino's dont like too large of a bet due to the financial liability Casino Ayezee Official .com provides.

About The Shop & Store

Streamers put in lots of effort to not just attract new viewers but also keep the current existing ones. Viewers can be rewarded by viewing regular on the channel and in some cases a reward can be provided. The thing is for every hour spend you get something in return which is a very low & long lasting plot. What if the streamer quits tomorrow? Will you lose your shop points? Will you lose any other VIP accomodation you used to had? We woud'nt want to bet really on watching a streamer to get a small bone tossed once in a while, as viewing time is a important factor wether to rank a streamer high on channels such as youtube or twitch. This thrives advertisement income as well.

Streaming on it's own can be lucrative with the right tools and resources. However most streamers who setup their complete establishment online and even stream for several hours a day gambling related content, are usually funded by casino's or do have certain deals. This all comes down to the amount of affiliates that signup or watch streamers with points for a online shop. Here at Ayezee Official we purely focus on good quality casino's that have a A+ reputation with payouts, customer service and more important bonus programs or even VIP programs. There are threads where streamers are being called out, ruining it for the rest of the streamers or even honest ones.

Buying items from a online shop in exchange for viewing time is'nt really that good. For those who want to detach themself from gambling a bit more do good disconnecting or even de-subscribe from several casino streamers. We understand that the intense-ness of casino games or even watching video's can be alot. If people want to losen up on gambling, quit for a while or even consider getting professional help, the best first advise is to stop watching casino slot streamers who promote large brands with a streak of complaints. You'll feel personally better if you do know how to stop viewing this for at least a week. Take our advice. We've bin there! We wish you the best of luck with top casino's.

The Deal on Fake Money

Many people question of streamers use fake money or not. Lets just sit for a moment and give a definition to fake money here at Ayezee Fake money is non-existent and often pre-funded by casino's. The streamer did'nt pay for any of that, he or she is just out to play, put up a show and entice it's followers to signup and play too. This often goes with free non-deposit bonus deals such as free-spins or even deposit doubling such as 100% upon first deposit. The catch is obvious to get signups and players enticed to play. Because the large winnings streamers put up is'nt real but often stimulates to gamble too. With online gambling lots of players lose in order to produce these extreme wins.

It's just a fact that the only ones winning on long term are the providers who supply the offerings of online games such as slots or live games, and the casino who hold back a small percentage per every placed bet. Taking bonus for example comes with a wagering requirement. This wagering requirement is'nt there for nothing. It is to assure risk for the casino on a minimum level. All it takes is being lucky enough to win big enough to complete the wager requirement often provided by online casino bonus. An average wagering is in between 39x and 59x rollover, meaning a € 10 deposit should be round played for at least 390 up to 590 €. It sounds alot but it really is.

Streamers that have a following base often get deals. These deals usually consist out of pre-funded accounts and none of the streamers money is really being involved. What good is it to watch someone play slots where the odds are a bit more in favor of the streamer compared to a normal player while knowing his show is purely based on entertainment value with zero to none morality? Gambling on the long run is a losing and lonely experience. At least with the visit of landbased casino's where slots do have a lower overall RTP, your quite having a better chance to win there compared to online where money can be chewed away in just minutes.

About New Streamers Joining The Casino "Boat"

Really, we can't blame any streamer as casino's run a aggresive marketing campaign these days where they usually target (young) streamers that originally stream for gaming and other niche's. They do have a following base and making the hop over to casino seems like a innocent move where both streamer and casino can only win. The truth is is that these streamers are not aware of the dangers or consequences such intensity of gambling can do to their following base. We've seen extreme populair streamers in games such as CS GO, Pubg, World of warcraft and so on actively being approached to provide a few streams purely dedicated to casino branding.

Luckily platforms like twitch are more and more aware of the activity and stepping up their game. As of today (12/08/2021) twitch seems to ban the use of affiliate links in descriptions which is a good step in the right direction, making it financially unattractive for such (new) streamers to dump their content on these platforms with the sole intention to gather new affiliates. It's bin nothing new knowing the history of casino's and their aggresive marketing where spam email(s) was the trend or paid articles these days on various websites, blogs and other sources to gather as much as potential signups. We know it's a bad situation and the business needs to be cleared out.

As current generations get older and move on with their life such as having a family or perhaps unfortunately suffer due to a gambling addiction, new streamers are popping up targeting a even younger generation now. They are often very unaware and perhaps even naive to think that what a streamer is doing with gambling they could reproduce. Talk with any respected gambler on the internet and they will tell you that gambling on the long run is often a loss unless your extremely lucky hitting it big. The best given advice here is once your ahead, quit :) Because thats the only way to deal with a long-term profit from casino's unless you have a zillion real followers and not bots.

Love for Gambling ? Read on!

When gambling is done in a moderate and occasion, there's really nothing wrong with it. The hidden danger lies into the greed and wanting to have more of the same and casino's go down all the way to offer players "comps" or free alcohol in landbased casino's. Drinks do affect the rational and thus the making of wise decisions. The more there is gambled the better the revenue for the house overall will be. Anyone that gambles on a occasion matter can attest that it is a liberal and exciting thing todo, just dont get carried away by the these days volatile slots or games you can find in a casino floor. Hitting a big win is'nt always good as it seems in the first place.

Online gambling is usually experienced as a emotional rollercoaster. You'll have feel good moments, but you'll have the low moments as well or the financial stress it can bring on long term play. The trick is to actually find a balance in between and make sure you hit the withdrawl button once in a while. You should gamble to win, consider it as a sport, but not a degenerate hobby that will strip you from your finances faster then you can head to the toilet and get back to it. It is a real warning to those who suffer from long term play. Get out while your ahead, or keep a balanced form of play. Dont take games personal or any serious. They are purely entertainment.

And entertainment is what this is all about. Streamers who put themself on the net is usually for entertainment purposes with the enticement to play for yourself. Just do not be fooled by what you see every 3 minutes a streamer hitting a big win. The reality is that 7 out of 10 sessions usually end up in a loss or just about to be even in funds in relation of how many you played over the last times. It takes a bit of luck to hit a good bonus and finally leave with a positive withdrawl being served onto your account the very next day. Switching casino's once in a while is'nt a bad move either. Just dont expect to be winning all the times like streamers do, they usually have a demo or sandbox mode active.

Real Life Changing Wins!

Interested in real & life changing wins? Forget about streamers who purely play with pre-funded accounts and non-withdrawlable money. The reason why most players play online casino's is obviously real life winning numbers on high volatility games. Take Dead or Alive II for example. A game known for having a up to 100000x your betsize as a win! And in some very rare occasions even beyond. Take the following video which initially starts a 4 scatter bonus round and yields up to a amazing 26000x win! You wont be seeing this with streamers since this is the real deal with a genuine casino. When you win such amounts of money, be wisely and withdrawl a good portion of that before continuing on onto the casino!

We cant emphasize enough how important bankroll and money management really is. Even if it's tempting to continue on gambling this on it's own should be an archievement for all your countless amount of spins spend into games. You might as well consider taking a break for quite a while, since € 24000 is'nt the smallest amount of money either. For some a complete year salary was won in barely 5 minutes of your time. If this win was real? Yes! Without bonus pre-funded accounts a real and genuine win as we love to see these! But be aware such wins dont come around every day. A 26000x win on it's own is very rare and if your lucky enough you might catch it one day too.

We've seen streamers win numbers up to 200k a bonus game, but never actually took the withdrawl. It's because they cant and it's against the promotional contract they are obliged to. Such streamers saying that it's real are straight-up lying. These streamers usually keep the balance on their account to create new content with the upcoming days or even weeks to keep their channel going. It's why you dont see a streamer coming out saying publicly after winning a quarter million, hey guys it's bin a amazing ride, thank you but my gambling carreer ends here. They have a contract to furfill and all you see is alot of smoke to keep the illusion going. Dont fall for it.

Disconnect From Fake / Funded Streamers Today

You could argue that at some point you'll had enough of this show and that you no longer would even represent the streamer you supported for maybe months or years. It's completely natural knowing how all the things add up and how they change casino's faster then you can head to the toilet. We recommend you to unfollow the streamer you follow and forget about the drama or endless support about being there when it all started. The truth is your nothing more then a pawn to them and many of such channels are often filled with bots to mimmick a busy stream. Fake responses, big dances and acts when hitting big, it's all a show really with no end other then feeling depressed.

Because in a way, it is depressing how many people follow streamers gamble, and hoping to get a fix of their own. People who truely want to move forward would do better when they would not subscribe no longer to their streamer of choice. Think about it. Watching someone gambling could be entertainment, but it will entice you to play too, right? Or another freeby is given with the sole purpose to make yourself signup to without doing a deposit. The truth is these private messages you usually get have a deal where they get paid per signup. They dont care if you dont play at all, they are just out to even scam casino's in a way with no intention of ever playing.

The goal of this website is to obviously waken people a bit up, but also goverments and distribution platforms about the consequences that happen when people gamble too much. You can throw all the ETH or BTC transactions and claim it's real but nobody on the long term ever got succesfull with gambling. Why would you show on daily basis your gambling habbits which on it's own is a loneliness experience, an isolating one really, since most casino's and games are designed to isolate you. Trust us when we say they did perform study's on pigeons in the 70's to make even animals addicted to gambling. Keep a clear mind. Dont fall for the traps streamers entice you to.

Streamers Who Never Gambled

Suddenly start showing gambling related content. Odd right? People with zero to none gambling experience in their life suddenly start to stream gambling content? Well the answer to this is, they sold themself out. Casino's use a aggresive tactic in order to approach anything with followers, set them up with a account, a deal and have them stream on weekly basis towards their followers. For casino's it's a constant game of harvesting and gathering more affiliates on the long run. Some streamers openly spoke about being approach with deals that are too good to be true. And they can afford it. There's huge budgets being thrown at internet these days for marketing.

Personally we believe any streamer doing the right thing by not going into this is the best step you could do. Even tho the majority of your followers might be intelligent enough to keep a restraint on playing, you'll always have folks who can throw themself overboard financially wise and gamble everything they have, away. Just because they saw you win huge amounts of (printed) money. Take our advice, gambling streams is something different and the uprise of these sudden new faces on the surface is'nt what you call good. The movement is coming along and people are being exposed and where possible even held accountable for the damage they are doing.

The few established (fake) streamers you see often make use of likes, followers, commenters and even viewing bots to artificially bypass any of the populair AI's populair platform. Even if it's not in their intention to target minors, they still promote these rogue places that hold zero to none jurisdiction when it comes to player protection, withdrawls or simply could boot you off the platform when it's no longer in their interest anymore. Is that the places you want to play as a gambler on? We dont think so. Be wise and Signup to legitimate casino's only if you are worried too about this new movement. Hit casino's where it hurts, financially by not playing at these rogue places anymore.

Casino's in Malta, Curacao & more

There is a reason why casino's are often promoted from places such as Malta or Curacao. The laws, regulation and jurisdiction is completely different compared to a normal European or United States based casino. Obviously the tax evasion is one of the reasons why they are established over there and not in any of the country's they advertise themself in. None of those casino's actually pay tax per country over the revenue they are making. Other then that it's within one mouse-click for a casino not to pay out a huge sum of money to a player if they dont like to for whatever reason. This can be extremely frustrating for players who spend a fortune on these casino's online.

The amount of complaints for specific this reason is no joke. Ofcourse there are casino's from these places that do hold some reputation (as advertised on Ayezee but they agree that the trends these days are blowing out of proportion and that the competition is taking it too far by enticing streamers to target their viewing audience. Obviously, if a casino does'nt pay taxes for where it advertises their marketing budget is far beyond compared to a casino that is sticking to the laws and rules that are set-out. We would almost say this is a battle in between Legal and Semi-Illegal casino's as the license is pretty much worth none in relation of jurisdiction.

If you feel like you as a player want to contribute to this matter, our best given advise is do your homework, and play with casino's that are a established brand, have their reputation build up over the years and more important dont take any of these lying streamers serious. The only homework they did was if it was in their interest and have zero to none experience with such rogue casino's all over the globe. A country like germany for example held approx 400.000 registered gambling addicts. The number is far worse since this only counts the ones who applied to seek help for their problems. And this is what the majority of fake funded streamers are doing these days, the promotion of gambling.

Do Not, Repeat, Do not Enter Personal Details.

There are websites these days that impose the presence of sites like Ayezee that entice users to send an email followed with their casino login or username. Sometimes people use this to collect free bonusses or have other special deals. Often in stream its told for followers to just register with the casino using code Y or link X with no intention of playing, sort of to "support the streamer". Let us tell you a little inside secret on why this suddenly happens and why it is so important not to engage with such practices. First of all your email is worth money if you ever write a support message through these websites. You'll end up in a mailing list for marketing purposes.

This usually leads to no good since problem gamblers are constantly enticed to spend more then they could afford. The problem with mailing lists is that these are often being sold to the highest bidders to send even more unwanted, commercial casino deals. As shown in the below video a perfect example of why you shoud'nt play on illegal casino's or use a VPN to bypass any of the regulation as presented by streamers. You wont be paid out the moment you attempt to withdrawl because you where in breach of the terms and conditions. They can slap you with it and there is no jurisdiction to prevent it from happening. You lost your money in a nutshell.

We are fully aware of the marketing practices applied to the world of casino and it's going too far. This is perhaps the last grasp of a dying business which is named casino streaming. We at Ayezee do not represent such (illegal) practices and we encourage you to send us your personal message or story for us to publish discreet using different channels. The page is contact if your interested in sending us a email. We guarantee you your personal details are'nt sold out nor used in promotional use. Ofcourse if you gamble occasionally there is nothing wrong. But player protection does not exist with these foreign websites. Be carefull with what you send out.

Are Populair Streamers Like Roshtein, Fake?

It's bin debated over and over and over, populair streamers like Rostein, Ayezee, Xposed, Prodigy etc if they are genuine or simply put "Fake" due to the nature of their deals. Well we will keep it very short by presenting you a video of Roshtein's Interview and the words about his journey himself. Basicly what it comes down to is that he explains that he was gambling and thus losing alot, and since he had bin given the advise to "stream live" suddenly things got financially prosperus for him. If you have a hardcore gambler, who keeps on losing, and suddenly with streaming starts to make money, and even to the point of winning (fake) millions, does'nt that raise a question in the first place? (Please skip to 01:02).

All due respect as a entertainer, but people who would be defending these large names or brands should scratch their back of their head perhaps by watching above and putting things together in perspective. The populair video where Roshtein clicked practice on a slot showed him having suddenly the very same balance as him when he would play real slots. How was this technically even possible, since the nature of "Demo / Practice Play" is with "Fun Funds" or at least would show a different number then his real balance supposedly be. Make no mistakes ladies and gentlemen; nobody will constantly keep on winning millions of dollars or euro's on casino slots. There is simply no way for that due to the nature.

So if your a follower of these streamers, and you question their win(s) on daily basis, perhaps its time to wake up and realise they are all pawns and paid actors at the end of the day. They do not give one damn about any of their affiliates, the dangers these people could face, they are just their filling their pockets and creating new ways to make their stream even more unrealistic, larger and esp more stupid to keep the show going on. And even bad advertisement for a streamer is still publicity. Thats why they do it. They dont care and have zero to none morals really. Be wise and stop following these streamers. For tips on finding best casino's check our website to distinguish bad casino's from good ones.

Casino's Legally Fund Streamers For Legal Reasons Ofcourse

Most of the streamers, who present themself as a award winning twitch member, or a youtube giant, they all have one thing in particular in common. They are not sharing any of their true business secrets. And why is this? The reason is simple. Big casino brands which most of these streamers are promoting basicly contracting populair streamers in where they give a ton of money on monthly basis. A few million even a month for really top tier streamers. Usually a part of that contract holds as well, that the streamer is obligated to spend at least 40 to 50% back into the casino using real deposits. Any streamer saying he is on cash, is straight up lying since left or right the casino is sponsering the affiliate.

This is not just branding what is happening here, but enticing it's viewers with even freebies like free cash on a casino if your one of the lucky ones to hit the draw. Do you really believe you'd be getting straight cash out of the casino just like that? There's rules to having this free cash obviously such as a wagering. The money given for free needs to be played around for at least 39 to 59x times before you can withdrawl. But this small money that you might be cashing out, is just a fraction compared to what they could gather from you on the long run. You had such a pleasant experience up there your coming back for more right? And thats exactly the mouse-trap these streamer entice you to.

Dont be mistaken. If one makes a million investment and expects a ROI of approx 15 to 30 million it's already a succesfull investment. The only real winners here are the casino's and the streamers. The one's paying for this are the affiliates in a way. And they are not getting the same (obvious) chances the big rollers with fake or sponsored money do. It's just a bit weird to see a streamer hitting a far higher bonus or winning frequency then your average John doe. It's becuase people dont watch streamers losing. They want big winnings and screens exploding with funds. Funds that normally cant be withdrawl. Ayezee for example, was never able to cashout the 100k little devil win from the casino.

Recommended - Visit!

As part of our marketing strategy it would be best for us to manage most recommended casino's on one page rather then per country as seen in the best casino's area. With you have a grasp for the best providers, casino's, highest selected RTP and most important best deals on both low and high roller players. As a new player you can get up to € 500 of value based on your first deposit. Reach out for the above website and signup to support our movement. If you have any questions please do not hassitate to contact us. We are here for you for all your questions under contact as you will get a message within 24 hours while being discreet.

We are glad to see a more and larger movement coming up and understanding the complex problem of streamers imposing unrealistic betting, wins or the promotion of casino's with vague or misleading jurisdiction. Because of that it's really a matter of time before the con artists will crawl back to where they came from and let casino's and promotion regulate itself again. Afterall gambling is or could be fun, but not with cost of young and inexperienced people who dont understand the dangers of long term gambling. A serious gambling addiction can lead to despair and potentially suicide due to having it lost all. The warnings are real.

And yet streamers keep imposing a 100$ to 500$ bet or even up to 250.000$ bonus buys, as if they where preaching on the whales to come in and signup using their links. Dont be fooled. We hope you had a good read and understand the streaming business a bit better at this point. For any questions please send us a message. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

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