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The Business In Short

Internet gambling does exist for quite some years, where good things arrised (real winners) but also lots of tactics and other forms of scams appeared. It's the human nature of greed which is usually involved in markets or niche's where lots of money is involved. With our website we're not impersonating anyone in particular, we believe firmly tho that streamers putting out the message with 500$ spins or € 50.000 euro bonus buys is completely irresponsible and morally not done. No high limit gambler in the world could sustain such large bets on daily or even weekly basis without running bankrupt if unlucky enough in quite a short time. It's this mispresentation what this is all about.

Streamers do take deals when they promote casino's using their twitch or youtube channel. These deals consists out of unfair advantages over real players and often come with a zero risk in relation of financial consequences. The only winners here are the streamer and the casino in this case. The players who do follow those affilliate links provided by these streamers wont get even a 1/3rd of the action they represent on screen. How they do it? We are still not sure. Perhaps a test or demo account. Perhaps a sandboxed enviroment or simply a seperate account that gets a refill on demand by the casino provided. Some do deposit real cash and get 300% on top of that.

You might conclude that the stream or video's of streamers winning big is at the end of the day just another pawn, wether you like him or not, doing it's show and to entice viewers to like their page, register using their links and to stimulate you to gamble even more. Some players who quit gambling and having difficulties often watch streamers to dampen the need to gamble themself. At the end of the day it's the casino's that make more bizarre marketing deals to send out to streamers who initially had nothing todo with gambling but entice them to even up to 150k of followers to signup and play. Users should be very aware of the dangers of gambling.

The Dangers of Long Term Gambling

Lets be real here for a second. Gambling addiction is something very serious and can change or even ruin complete lives if not being dealth with soon enough. It often starts with a big win on where players simply get hooked. Slots are considered the "crack cocaine" of gambling and it does have a serious effect on players. The problem with gambling addiction is that for most matters you dont have to be sensitive to become a gambling addict in the first place. The maths of games or game design is very well worked out and it's designed to extract your money from you as a player in a very neath way. How many times where you triggered to deposit again?

Or how many times did you feel the urge to win back the money you just lost? Are you constantly thinking of gambling when your out on your own? Your awaiting your paycheck to start gambling again? Do you feel isolated or you hardly go out anymore but prefer to just gamble all the time? These are serious signs to take into consideration because a addiction in gambling can be extremely devastating. Due to the nature of online gambling in particular it can take months for slots to change from a cold state (you just lose) into a paying state. This is where that danger arrises. People done serious crimes to feed their addiction of online gambling. Be carefull.

It can be devastating to know that in barely minutes or hours huge chunks of money can be consumed by gambling. Even tho streamers say do not spend more then you can afford, their intensity with live streaming on as good as daily basis is not a good testimonial at all when gambling should be considered as a fun practice and not a serious task or job. The problem is is that almost none of these streamers play with their own funds. And this is a wrong message. Also "favourited" RTP sessions it seems, even tho casino's cant change RTP on demand, the frequency of wins these streamers do makes it very suspicious about the legitimacy they pretend to be.

Seek Help if Gambling Is Taking Over

Gambling is a fun, exciting and thrilling experience. But it can chew you up financially if you let it take over control. And once people lose control in gambling (think of a tilt session), it is becoming a dangerous walk down the road. Our advise if you believe that you or another you know suffers from gambling addiction is to seek help. A good start is to take a break if your confident enough and need to arrange things in your life. A break is usually a self exclusion for period of time and it prevents you during the time going back. For those who cant deal with this or still would seek different online casino's that avoid self exclusion, we have some special tips for you to help you.

Talk with relatives, your partner or someone close about your problem. Self exclude yourself from these sites if the gambling is getting out of control. Give any of your cards you might have to other people for the time being so that you are unable to make deposits even tho your self excluded or you have other obligations such as paying rent, bills and other stuff. This serious matter requires drastic action and obviously willpower to be succesfull. It's best to avoid watching any video's in relation of gambling. You have to break the pattern of your mind that was used to anything gambling related and this proces will take approx one to two weeks for you to start feeling better.

Once you start to get back organised, and your capable again of putting your energy or effort in where it truely matters, you might say at some point that your done with gambling completely. You might want to consider moving on. Because gambling addiction is something that will remain with you the rest of your life. There is no cure other then never ever touching it again. Talk with any recovered gambling addict and they will always tell you that the urge to play, the excitement or old feelings of back in the past plays a important role. If your at this point, know that your strong enough and can live without it. None of these streamers will ever tell you this. It's not in their interest.

Streamers Only Want Your Signup

If hypothetically streaming came without any affiliate signup, then the business woud'nt financially vaible on short or long term. It would really be a waste of time if someone was streaming in the first place because gambling on long term usually yields in losses. This is why we emphasise here on Ayezee what the deal with these streamers truely is. Ofcouse, you are obviously free to show your support or support your streamer by using one of their links, but remember, it's all a show and at the end of the day they care zero to none when someone watched their content gambled him or herself into oblivion. They laugh it off and thank you for your repeating deposits and thats about it.

In the upper end of these streamer "circles" it's all about interest and it's in none of their interest to have someone saying how it's morally wrong or how reckless 250 up to 500$ bets are. They dont care. It's all about a show and naturally a channel would be boring to watch if the same repeated stream is kind of put together. New stuff is constantly being put in public such as give away, freespins and so on to keep attracting new player signups. We almost feel guilty exposing that particular inner circle of both casino's and streamers that produce irrelevant content on daily basis these days. We're happy to see platforms like Twitch as of today (12/08/2021) stepping up and banning affiliate links.

It is a interesting view to see the trends of online streaming these days. But we're sure that this is'nt really over yet. New cons are being cooked up every day to entice followers to signup and gamble. For a moment be and feel just like them. There is one golden saying in the world of gambling, it goes like "Quit while your ahead" - it is a testimonial to many people dating back to 40 years even and it still holds valid for this day. Players naturally lose and casino's are clever enough to release games on the gaming floor that just give that little bit, but not the full potential. Can you really make money with gambling? Yes, but in a very disciplined way and it's not for everyone.