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About Casino's in Belgium / Vlaanderen

Online gambling in Belgium is allowed and a more and more growing attractive thing for people to do and experience. Check out belows video for a big win and how playing online casino's work. We recommend when you signup to head for verification to exclude any misunderstanding in the future when hitting withdrawl. It is a time consuming proces and many people's complaints about casino's in Belgium is usually due to incorrect account information valid. It is part of security for casino's to know their players in belgium and it is even required by law. So when you signup to any of the above casino's make sure to hit verify in the first place before you even start.

When you watch a casino video usually wins are expressed in "x times" which basicly means x times your betsize. Lets say if you win 800 euro by a one euro spin, it means you had a win of 800x. Some games can even go far beyond that with 100.000x in some very rare cases. These high volatility games often know cold streaks but also have very hot streaks where wins are through the roof. With the selection of belgium casino's you have the finest & best selection of live games, slots and jackpot based casino games. Make sure to try 'm out and hope for the best & biggest win. Below is a video on the populair Release the kraken game. A bonus game is bought and leads to a 800x win.

We advice you to not spend more then you can afford. Losing is a part of the game and you must be strong enough to not continue to chase any of your losses. Only cash that you can actually miss or spend is advices to play on a belgium casino. When you win big hit the withdrawl button and dont touch it, as it is a trend for more and more casino's to insert a withdrawl delay of 48 hours. It might be tempting but you'll thank us later when you left the money to withdrawl and have it in a few days onto your account for you to spend. If you or a relative experience problems please consider seeking help. This might solve any ongoing issues with problem gambling in Belgium online.

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