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About Casino's in Germany / Deutschland

Back in the 80's to 90's, it was the gauselmann group that pretty much designed lots of slot machines based on chance of luck. Over the course of years gambling in germany got more and more accepted due to the legal tax for the goverment to the point where 400.000 registered, gambling addicts arised. Note that this is just the registrated amount of people, and not the people who never seeked any help for their problem. The avg revenue led into the billions on yearly basis where more and more spielhalle, implementation of slot machines in various places such as bars, restaurants, gas stations and even disco's took it's place. Luckily the goverment stepped in, and enforced rules for german players.

Casino's that operate or advertise in Germany can be imposed with limitations compared to other country's. It is a bit of a hassle to for example register, verify your account but also any of the other steps such as providing a proof of your income. Once your through the proces your pretty much good to go in relation of online gambling. You can find games that could have a limited bet, but this shoud'nt kill the experience. It's all due to protection of players and assuring you have a good experience. Remember that playing online casino's can be volatile. It means that there could be streaks of cold slots or games and that losing is a part of the game. You should always play for fun and not to chase losses.

Chasing losses with gambling is the main culprit of why gaming addiction exists in the first place. As a gambler you should only play what you can afford to lose. If you experience problems or you know someone who suffers from a (hidden) gambling addiction, please seek help. The reason why such rules are imposed to germany as a country with gambling is due the large amount of gambling addicts on the arise. The risks are real and especially due to the isolation that online gambling can bring your triggered even more to make back your losses. If you cant win today, try it another time. You'll thank us later for having this the proper mindset with gambling in germany.

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