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If you would like to tell us your story, wether it's a positive, or negative, or you feel like you want your story to be heard to the community in the dangers of others, and not be send towards the casino's support or how to get a loan, personal bonus dropped into your account or any of that? We are ears and would like you to encourage to write us your story in the above form. We will carefully craft out any personal details when we publicate any of your given information on for example Social Media like our Twitter but also community forums & more. We firmly believe that a movement is needed to stop these fraudulent streamers sending out the wrong message.

People who are subject to a gambling addiction could be in serious danger. When streamers tell the opposite by registering on a casio with no intention to play to support the streamer it's a very bad practice and obviously a tactic to lead the rest to the marketing department of the casino. They will usually send enticements such as free spins and other forms in order to have you gambling. When you deposit your basicly sold and their marketing was a succes. Dont be foolish and learn how to recognize these mouse traps layed down by these streamers. It is not what you think it is and everything comes with a price. If streaming was'nt financial lucrative they woud'nt be there in the first place.

If you want to send a message for purely a bonus offering dropped into your casino account, please use our website. We are not the party that entices users to gamble more then they could afford. We do get messages with usernames followed with a deposit free bonus or free money to play on the most common casino's. We do not do that and we think it's a wrong message since we're not a casino staff nor promotional staff. Be warned that if you do happen to drop your personal details in such websites other then Ayezee your often loaded up into a email marketing list with the chance of your details even being sold many times. Be warned with what you put into these websites. We will threat you discreet.